For Sellers

Selling your home is a big deal. You might want to sell next week or you are over a year away and starting your research. No matter your timing, I’m ready to start collaborating if you are.

You have a lot of options for who to hire and you’re wondering if I’m a good choice. I ask that you give me a chance. I don’t get all the interviews in town but I can tell you that the people who get to know me choose to hire me almost every time. Their testimonials tell a recurring story that focuses on themes like: professionalism, stress-free, integrity, honesty, knowledgeable and personable.

You will also notice past clients mention repeatedly that I’m not pushy. That’s true and it’s important to me. I also really want your business. Let’s make that crystal clear. I’m fighting for your business because I want you to have someone on your team. I see too many agents who suggest they can attract the buyers. You aren’t the priority to an agent who claims to know a certain segment of buyers. Those buyers aren’t your only leads and they’re coming to your home regardless. You need an agent who wants to get to know YOU and act as a bridge to all potential buyers. That’s what I want to do for you. Read on to learn more about how I work, my personal and professional history.


I provide professional, honest advice. Sometimes my best advice is something you might not want to hear, but it might be something you NEED to hear. The great thing for you (the most important part of my philosophy) is that you are the boss. I will support the course of action you choose and do all I can to achieve your objective.You will be fully informed.

  • You will be fully informed.
  • I share all the industry secrets and put all the cards on the table.
  • I am your expert advisor.
  • You are the decision maker.

Matt’s approach to communicating with Buyers and their agents:

The process of marketing and communication is about influencing the emotional state of the buyer. We want them to always be in a positive frame of mind. That means we want to impress, exceed expectations and never disappoint. What I communicate and when I choose to do so is always calculated.

Steps to success:

  • Give the prospective buyers enough to get them excited and get them in the door.
  • Impress them when they arrive. Never overstate something to the point that when seen in person the buyer sees less than expected. The objective is to exceed expectations and turn up the positive emotional dial.
  • Provide detailed information. Buyers feel respected and that the property has nothing to hide.
  • Support their agent. Help them succeed. Give the agent all the tools to help us close the sale.

The objective is to empower both the buyers and their agents. The listing agent should be the expert on the property and the area. It’s my job to ensure I gather as much relevant information I can. I have found that the most consistent path to success is to then deliver this information concisely, and without pressure or limitation. The buyers’ agents are empowered and far more informed than they are on other properties. The buyer is further informed and made to feel comfortable and confident.

The ultimate objective is consumer confidence. When the buyers are confident that they are fully informed they tend to make offers with less hesitation and present much better offers. We will get more offers, and better offers.

About Matt’s Business

It’s all about New West. It’s all about a long term plan for consistent success and repeat business.

Matt joined the real estate industry & RE/MAX Advantage Realty in 2010. He mentored under a successful agent (Gerard Major) for 4 years. His business has been focussed entirely on residential real estate in New West since 2010. Local commitment keeps the business deeply connected to and ahead of the curve with respect to developing trends in the New West market.

Guiding Principles for Matt’s Business:

  • Focus on listening to the client’s goals.
  • Provide honest advice.
  • Empower people to make informed decisions.

Matt’s Education, Training & Experience

2005 – BHk, Bachelors of Human Kinetics (Sport Management) from UBC

Matt worked in sales and B2B sales partnerships for a number of different high achieving companies (BC Lions, Telus, Hewlett-Packard, Faronics). They provided world class training and mentorship. A lot of focus was on building relationships to determine where to best help the client. Ultimately, Matt found too often his stable of products wasn’t the right fit. He and the client would establish trust and Matt didn’t want to violate that by making self-serving recommendations.

Real estate provided the right venue for Matt’s skills. He was passionate about housing, construction, marketing and negotiation. And there would always be an alternate product for the client to choose if something wasn’t the right fit. The business was now truly about relationship, guidance and advice.

2009 – UBC Sauder School of Business – Real Estate Trading Services (this is the only venue through which to acquire your real estate license in BC, so this is anything but a notable educational achievement).

About Matt

  • New West resident since 2008.
  • Matt’s wife was born and raised in New West and helps run a family business in town.
  • They’re raising two young daughters in a townhouse near Queen’s Park.
  • The kids keep Matt involved with, and exposed to just about every activity the community has to offer.
  • Matt enjoys almost all sports. He’s been playing for a men’s soccer team since 2003 with teammates he’s known since childhood.
  • He’s pretty handy and has a good general knowledge of construction.
  • He enjoys DIY projects and finds them incredibly frustrating, and rewarding.