The question no one asks when interviewing an agent

I have been interviewed by hundreds of homeowners and they all ask about commission, but they never ask how much goes to the agent for the Buyer. It’s very obvious when they’ve Googled questions to ask during this process. The questions are welcome and encouraged. I absolutely want homeowners to know what kind of service they’re getting. I take pride in my processes and want you to know that they are rooted in sound strategy and experience.

An integral part of the marketing plan is the compensation offered to the agent for the Buyer. There is no mandatory figure. The only rule is that the minimum commission offered to the Buyer’s agent is $1. This is not much of an incentive when the only revenue an agent earns when representing a buyer comes from the Seller. If the Seller doesn’t make the offer up front then a fair and reasonable commission becomes part of the negotiation. It shouldn’t. It’s a massive distraction that shouldn’t be part of the process.